The 5 Whys

Technical problems are actually human problems. That’s why you need to ask the 5 Whys.

You see Matt, every supposedly technical
problem is actually a human problem.
That's why we ask the five why's.
>> The five why's.
>> The five why's.
>> It's an old technique developed by Toyota.
You just ask the question why five times, and then the
nature of the problem as well as its solution becomes clear.
>> Yo, Sager.
Server crashed again.
>> Not again.
>> Well, let's do the 5 whys: Why did the server crash?
>> We pushed a new API to that server.
>> Why?
>> We just launched a new feature.
It probably used that API the wrong way.
>> Why?
>> Uh, we have a new engineer who
doesn't know how to use that API properly.
>> Why?
>> We never trained him.
>> Why?
>> Because you didn't want to train him!
You sent me an email that said if they can't figure it out screw 'em.
>> Why?
>> Because as a leader, you are a little bit incompetent and
you kinda know it, so you hide behind this tough guy, like veil.
>> Okay, you know what, this whole thing
is exactly why I would never buy a Toyota.
>> Well, at least we figured it out, right?
See what seemed like a tactical problem, is actually a managerial problem.
>> You know what?
We can start offering a trainig program.
I'll just have to uh, cut your salary by 25%.
>> Cuz I can't afford to pay you a full salary and have a training program.
>> Why?
>> We don't, make enough money for that.
>> We have no revenue coming in.
>> Why?
>> Cuz no one wants to buy what we're making.
>> Why?
>> Cuz what we're making's worthless.
>> Why?
>> I think everyone who works here is incompetent.
Well, well then we should stop asking the five whys, it's stupid.
>> Why?
>> Well, well, cuz I don't want my salary cut.
>> Why?
>> Well I need money to buy things.
>> Why?
>> Because that's how I'm programmed by society.
That's what, what society tells me, that's what will make me happy!
>> Why?
Because a few corporations want me to keep
buying stuff, you know, I'm like the sheep, you
know, the fast move companies fatten me up so
then the healthcare industry can slim me back down.
I'm just like a pinball being whacked around in
an arcade so that one man can have it all!
>> Because uh, the Illuminati or something.
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