Worst TED Talk Ever

It’s a different kind of TED Talk. Too different. At least it ends with a bang, though.

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>> Guys get your medicine out cuz you're about
to get a little bit of Cat Scratch Fever.
Or maybe you just like to say and this is Nightline.
Maybe at the end of the night you just want to go.
Where everyone knows your name.
>> Hey, Steve uh, TED Talk is not just just about people named Ted.
>> Uh, Matt, I only have 18 minutes here so if you
could keep your questions to yourself
that would be much appreciated because by
the end of this presentation you're gonna be so pumped up you're
gonna wanna drive your car off a bridge with your secretary in tow.
This guy, knows what I'm talking about!
You're gonna wanna walk softly and carry a big stick like this guy.
And also like this guy, although his stick isn't as
big, it's like a little stirring stick for his honey pot.
>> Yeah, you're missing the point.
>> Yeah, I guess it's kinda turned more into a Teddy talk at this point.
But, you know, when you're in charge it's all about
bending the rules so you can break them and make them.
>> Wait, I thought TED Talks were supposed to be about how we're not happy.
>> Are you, are you a little lost Sarah?
You know what I do when I get lost?
I talk to my founder.
The founder of CNN!
>> Okay, this is ridiculous.
>> Ridic, ridiculous?
I'll be the judge of that.
Or should I say the Judge Smails of that?
Ted Knight from Caddyshack, Spaulding get your foot off the boat!
>> Yeah, I'm out of here.
>> Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Where are you going man?
Hey, hey.
Where's the love Matt?
Where's the Love Boat?
Ted Lange, the bartender from Love Boat, gotta love it.
It's really hard to find Ted's out there, you know?
There's, I mean, there's this guy.
But you don't wanna get on his bad side.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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