Technical Recruiter

This is why programmers hate technical recruiters. Q: “Do you even know anything about programming?” A: “Did I mention stock options?”

>> Hey, is this Zodor?
>> That's pronounced Sagar.
>> Great, this is Harvey Smellhorse.
I'm calling from Smile and Dial Recruiting.
I've got some new clients.
They just closed on VC funding and
they are looking to hire some rock stars.
>> So you saw my GitHub profile?
>> GitHub, of course, I saw GitHub, I love GitHub.
>> All right, well first off, you should know I hate recruiters and
I'll only work in New York City.
>> Great, I've got an opening right outside of New York, Pittsburgh.
You're going to love it there, Babar.
>> It's Sagar, and I'll need 120k salary, minimum.
>> Minimum, perfect.
That's what we're doing, minimum wage.
>> And you should know I'll only work as a Ruby programmer.
>> It's a sysadmin, a sysadmin job.
That's almost the same thing, Babar.
>> It's Sagar, and, no, it's not.
Do you even know anything about programming?
>> Did I mention stock options?
We got stock options.
These guys are definitely going IPO.
>> This is why programmers hate technical recruiters like you,
because you know nothing about technology.
And all you do is spam my inbox incessantly.
You'd have better luck selling fake Viagra.
So maybe go do that!
>> Actually, since you mentioned it,
I've got a great deal on some male enhancement pumps from Indonesia.
These babies are going to blow your genitals away.
>> Seriously?
>> Yeah.
Zabar, I don't joke about things like this.

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