Target Market

VP of Biz Dev Steve Skinner explains his app’s target market, why startups are like having children, the benefits of staying in beta forever, and the book that’s had a violent impact on his business philosophy. 

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Start ups, are like having children.
You need to give them freedom and show them that you trust them.
And pretend not to be disappointed in the way they turn out.
You know?
Sometimes it's just like sitting them down
and be like, hey, hey look buddy.
You're not, you're not going bankrupt.
You're just different than the other companies.
You're unique.
In the way that your failing.
Our target market, uh we've done the research and we've found that
white men in their 20's living in Silicon Valley actually make up 95%.
Of the world's population.
Doesn't seem right, huh?
It is, though, that's what's crazy.
That's what's crazy about facts is that they're right.
I mean, we're not gonna ignore the numbers just cuz they're unpopular.
Yeah, it's true we haven't released anything,
but we're not gonna rush it, okay?
We're not gonna put anything out there until
it's perfect, and that's why you're still in beta.
You know, it's like baseball.
Even if you're 0 for 0, you're still batting 1000, right?
I don't read, I don't read business books really at
all, but there is one book that I love,uh, Shogun.
It's about this warlord who conquers Japan,
and that has been fundamental to my business
philosophy you know, if I'm in a
situation, I just say, what would Tornaga do?
You know, until people start complaining saying stuff
like, hey, you can't bring swords in the office.
And I'm like, okay, fine, I won't.
But then I do anyways because Tornaga told me to.
Say no to him?
Every year we do self evaluations so I
am able to take a stark look at myself.
I know that I have faults.
Obviously, everyone has faults.
You know I talk too much, too loud, too fast.
I don't always listen when people are talking.
I interrupt people.
I am emotionally unstable.
I haven't had a committed relationship in
almost seven years My urine is very dark.
I sit in my parked car for hours at a
time just trying to remember the last time I smiled.
I'm sorry, what was the question again?
Here's the thing you got to remember.
People don't want a quarter inch drill.
What they really want.
Is a quarter inch hole, so I'm always
trying to remind myself don't be a drill.
Be a hole.
People come up to me and they are
like, Steve, you're being such a hole right now.
And I'm like, thanks, I try.
You want to see my sword?
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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