Fast-growing companies need to embrace the power of storytelling. Until a new buzzword comes along…

Marketing is really storytelling.
People don't want a list of ingredients.
They want the story behind, where does my food come from?
Who grew it?
Who plucked it [SOUND]?
>> When it comes to pitching, you need to be a good storyteller.
If they feel like you're trying to sell them something,
they're going to clam up.
But if you tell them a good story, they want to connect with you.
[SOUND] >> I think graphic design is about telling stories, visual stories,
words and images coming together to tell a story that you can see [SOUND].
>> I was pair programming recently and had a bit of a revelation.
Programming is just like storytelling.
You're telling a story to the computer, except with code [SOUND].
>> Customer service is all about storytelling.
We will get that to you within four hours.
That's a story.
We appreciate your feedback.
Big story.
We'll keep your feature request in mind.
[LAUGH] Come on.
But people eat that stuff up [SOUND].
>> For me, the term storytelling is a little played out as a buzz word.
The thing now is storyscaping.
That's like landscaping, but with words.
I'll give you an example.
Once upon a time, there was a magical land called Silicon Valley,
with creatures like unicorns, and elves, and venture capitalists.
And wistful little boys would travel there when
they had good ideas about how to help people, and
make their lives more convenient and float on clouds.
But sometimes the little curly haired boys would go into rooms with
dragons, and those dragons would say things like, there's already an Uber.
And then the little boy would have to say, well.

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