Standup Meetings

Standup meetings are supposed to speed things up. But what happens if your meetings are STILL taking too long? Well then it’s time to get creative.

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>> Why are we doing this?
>> Look, we did the standing meetings thing
and they were still taking way too long, alright?
So I figured we oughta make our meetings, you know, more uncomfortable.
Now, I wanna talk about the help section.
We wanna get people to the information they want more quickly.
So if they can maybe like, a customer forum, you know, like a
place they could ask questions, and just, get answers when they need it.
Whatta you guys think, huh?
>> [SOUND]
>> I'm a little nervous about this hot coal meeting.
>> I think it'll be a spiritual experience.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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