Speaking While Female

When a man talks in a meeting, he gets heard. But when a woman does, she gets “manterrupted” or called too aggressive. Watch the ladies at Vooza try a few workarounds.

And that is why it is crucial to hear the voices of both men and women.
So we can pool together the intellectual resources and
encourage both imagination and innovation.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Wow.
>> Great.
>> Wow.
>> All right, anyone else got anything?
>> I have a few ideas I'd like to go over with the group.
>> Okay.
>> Excuse me, Tyler.
All right, I'm just really glad that we're having this meeting.
>> [SOUND].
>> because I actually stayed up really late last night doing a lot of
research on this topic, and I have found that one out of four women.
>> [SOUND].
>> Remain silent during group meetings because they're.
>> [SOUND].
>> Because they're afraid that their ideas aren't going to get heard.
>> Oh hey, you know what, to piggy back off that idea.
Did you guys see Cupcake Wars last night?
>> I'm watching it right now.
>> Dude, it's crazy.
>> It's so good. >> It's insane.
>> Guys. >> They're geniuses.
>> I just- >> Amazing.
>> [SOUND] Never mind.
>> The kitchen.
>> Yeah. >> You know it's magic.
>> Every time I talk, I get shot down before I can finish.
>> I know.
I got this.
Just need to be more aggressive.
>> Likey, no likey, likey.
>> Tyler, how are you?
Everything's good?
How's your mother?
>> She's okay- >> Yeah?
Family's good?
Yet you look skinny.
You should eat something.
Why don't you have a seat?
[SOUND] >> [LAUGH] That's funny.
>> What do you mean?
Funny how?
>> You know what I mean.
>> No, I don't know.
I don't know what you mean.
Do you know what he means?
>> I mean, I just think Charles was- >> Do me a favor,
don't answer that, okay?
He's a big boy.
Let me ask you something.
How am I funny?
>> I just thought, I thought that you told the story really funny.
I don't know why you're funny.
[SOUND] >> Oh, okay.
>> [INAUDIBLE] >> Yep.
>> Look what you did Laura.
>> Why did she yell at me?
>> It's okay little guy.
>> Never mind.
>> Why do you gotta be such a big bully all the time, huh?
>> Now I'm too aggressive.
>> I have an idea.
>> And I found out one out of four women remain silent during group
meetings because they're afraid that their ideas won't get heard.
>> What?
>> Wow.
>> That's heartbreaking.
>> It's a terrific presentation.
>> Thanks, dude.
>> We have to do something about this.
>> I'm glad you feel that way.
>> I agree.
>> Yes.
>> Who is this guy?
>> I don't know, but I think I might give him a raise.

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