Smartphone Showdown

A battle of Smartphone Chicken reveals the good, the bad, and the iPhone addicts.

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>> It's like chicken, but with iPhones.
>> Right.
>> That's right.
Whoever checks their phone first has to do
the other person's work for the whole week.
How hard can that be?
You just gotta stay calm.
>> Calm?
I check my phone all the time.
>> He's ready to break, all right?
So all you have to do is just hold
out just a second longer than him, all right?
He's weak.
He's weak and you are strong.
>> I don't know.
Are you sure you want to this?
>> Whose side are you on, anyway, Laura?
>> Well, you had a lot of coffee this morning.
>> Don't tell me I've had enough coffee!
>> I didn't say you had enough coffee, I said you had a lot.
>> Don't tell me that either.
Why don't you go tell Chia-head that we're ready?
>> Yeah, he's ready, you're ready, man, you're ready.
>> You better pray to God he checks his phone first, my friend.
>> It's all right, give him hell, give him hell.
>> Yeah, give 'em hell.
>> How did I get myself into this?
Tyler, Tyler, has anybody died while doing this?
>> Only once.
We don't talk about that anymore.
>> Okay, ladies, when this hat touches this
table, you better not pick up that phone.
>> Woof, woof.
>> Good luck.
>> [MUSIC]
>> Damn it.
>> Sweet!
>> How long did I last?
>> Six seconds, what's wrong with you?
>> I had to check my favorite Battlestar Galactica fan fiction page.
>> Oh my God.
>> The Cylons planned a sneak attack on the colonies!
[SOUND] Chief was hurt.
>> Screw Chief.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24

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