Refrigerator Ref

Sagar polices the office refrigerator with unnecessary roughness.

>> Hey, look, I can't really talk right now.
I'm kind of.
>> Oh, salad, good choice.
I thought maybe you might've went for
the rotten sushi you left there last week.
>> Fuck off.
>> Dude, you're not the referee of the refrigerator.
You know that right?
>> correction, I'm not the referee of the refrigerator, yet.
I'll be back, just wait.
>> I'm not going to wait.
My lunch break is over in like five minutes.
Nah, I'm not going to wait here.
[SOUND] Calvary.
That's a weekend encroachment.
Only condiments and batteries should be
left in the fridge over the weekend.
No steamed asparagus.
>> [SOUND]
>> That is a milk violation.
That milk has been in there since 2009.
Check your dates!
[SOUND] Off sides, you've got a banana in the designated veggie crisper.
Delay of leftovers, you didn't eat your leftovers within one
day and now the whole fridge smells like tuna fish.
>> Come on man.
That's garbage.
That's bull and you know it.
>> You're out of here.
>> Oh I'm out of here?
>> Get out.
>> Oh ok, you're in
charge right?
>> Insufficient milk wiping.
>> I'm trying.
Oh yeah, you'd better clean it good unless
you want to end up in that penalty box.
>> Throw me in the penalty box, huh?
Well guess what, joke's on you, cause I like it here.
I've got everything I need.
I've got my Clorex, I've got my cardboard box.
I'm good, man.
I'm fine.

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