Power Suit

In the tech world, the worst dressed guy in the room is usually the most powerful.

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Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
>> Okay.
>> Thank you.
>> Thank you.
>> Take care.
>> Bye bye.
>> Bye.
>> So which one of those guys was the owner of the company?
>> Yeah.
>> The guy in the shorts and sneakers.
>> Really?
>> Yeah.
There's a saying in the tech world, the guy
who's the worst dressed is usually the most powerful.
>> Seriously?
Yeah, I mean, when you have real confidence
and power, you don't care about how you're dressed.
>> Right.
>> Interesting.
>> What's up, ladies?
Hope I'm not late for the status meeting.
I was busy pulling this bathrobe out of a dumpster.
No big deal, you know, comfort's kind of
my, my number one these days, you know.
Uh, hey girls, what's up?
Should probably get off my feet soon
because these shoes are filled with rats.
>> Rats, that's nothing.
This thing's crawling with bedbugs with malaria.
What's more confident than having malaria?
>> Whatever.
You know, I don't know if these are white pants with [SOUND] on
them, brown pants with [SOUND' on them
or [SOUND] pants with nothing on them,
>> Well, yeah, you know what?
What's more confident than no clothes at all?
Am I right?
Aw, so this is happening now?
>> Nice tie, dude.
Next week, why don't you try looking a little bit more confident?
>> Yeah.
Hey intern, I got an idea for you.
Clean that up.
>> [LAUGH].
>> Here use this.
I'm gonna need that back though cuz that's also my underwear.
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