Podcast Addict

When you listen to too many podcasts, you start to think every conversation needs, um, a little help.

Hey Laura.
Drinking some coffee?
You know, I've always said that I think the best coffee in the world is
made by justcoffee.com.
You know, justcoffee.com uses only fair trade organic farmers.
Mm, justcoffee.com, that's some good coffee.
Probably one of my favorite places to drink coffee is sports events.
Love going to a sports event with a nice cup of joe in my hands.
And if I want to get a good seat at a sporting event,
I make sure to use seatgeek.com.
Seatgeek.com, great for sports.
But you've probably already heard all this from me,
when I sent you that cool MailChimp campaign earlier this month, because-
>> Steve.
>> What's up?
>> Are you being paid to say these things?
>> What? >> Because you sound like branded content.
>> Branded content?
Laura, no, branded content's disgusting.
I hate branded content.
No, what I'm doing right now is a sponsored conversation.
>> What the hell is that?
>> It's just a normal conversation that I like to have with my friends.
Where I might mention some of my favorite companies,
companies like stamps.com.
>> Bye, Steve.
>> Or Georgi Vodka.
Hey, Laura.
[SOUND] Jeez, Laura, don't get your MeUndies in a knot.

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