Pending Invitation

Damn those relentless LinkedIn invites. Charles is sick of them but Steve insists that Charles accept his pending invitation. And then it becomes about Elon Musk and Bill Gates!?

Hey, Charles, you get that LinkedIn I sent you?
Charles, you know who my favorite President is?
Abraham LinkedIn, check it out.
Charles, did you open that LinkedIn invite yet?
>> No, not yet. >> Okay, think about it.
Have you and Charles done business together?
Why, yes we have, LinkedIn, interesting.
Charles, did you know I went to college for nine years?
You would.
It's really easy, man, you just hit Enter on the invite-
>> No, I'm good. >> And then we're-
Well, if it isn't Mr. Pending Invitation.
I just joined a group that's saving pandas, pretty cool.
Love to get you to be a part of it, man.
Charles, I gotta tell you, you've kind of hurt my feelings, man.
And up until now, I wasn't really aware I had those.
So what's the deal?
Is there something wrong with my profile?
>> Okay, can I be honest with you?
>> Please.
>> LinkedIn means nothing to me.
All the emails go straight to my promotions box,
I don't even know how it helps my life in any way.
>> No, I get it.
It's my resume isn't it?
Yeah not good.
I actually thought it was pretty impressive that I speak both English and
Klingon and am proficient in Excel.
But I guess that's not good enough for the great King Charles.
>> All right, okay.
I'm accepting your LinkedIn request.
>> Thank you man, thank you so much.
That's all I wanted.
Thank you man. >> Okay, can we move on with our lives now?
>> Absolutely, absolutely.
Thank you, man, I appreciate it.
Since we are connected on LinkedIn now, I was wondering if you wouldn't
mind writing up just like a little endorsement for
me just making me sound good in the business world?
Do you mind?
>> Yeah, I'll do that, I will do that later.
>> Thanks so much, man.
Actually, I drafted one of my own, just a few words so if you want to just
copy and paste that and throw it into your page, that would be great.
>> You invented the Tesla?
>> Yeah.
>> Thought that was Elon Musk?
>> He stole it from me.
>> Margot Robbie said you had the best
Tinder profile she's ever seen in her life.
>> Yeah, she's a sweetheart.
She's really, she's a kind soul, I like her.
She's neat.
>> Bill Gates said you were his biggest inspiration?
>> Yeah, William and I go way back.
It's actually interesting, because I've always been pro-malaria but
that just goes to show friends can agree to disagree.
>> Wow.
>> Yeah.
>> I mean I'm totally blown away by all of this, I would love to sit-
>> Yeah, yeah you get it. Matt did you get my LinkedIn invitation?

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