Our Mission

Vooza’s mission is to do something meaningful and make the world a better place – the way corporations have always done. Listen up as Vooza’s Senior VP of Marketing explains the ideals that guide our company.

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The team we have is incredible.
I'm proud to say that every member of our
team has over 20 years of experience building mobile apps.
That's hard to find.
At Voosa we want to do something
meaningful and make the world a better place.
The way corporations have always done.
You can see it in our mission statement, to revitalize
local communities, to create real connections, to stop hunger in Africa.
Some might say, Vooza, isn't that the app that stole my
information and sold it to Eastern European spammers, I mean maybe.
But that's not what we're all about.
It's more than that.
Vooza is all about connecting people
with other like-minded people which is incredible.
And what makes that so incredible is that
we do that through things such as mobile multi-tasking.
And use social networking to create a community where
you know, peers can interact with each other.
And that's really great.
And it creates an amazing community of people.
And ultimately, that's how we're making
an ecosystem where people just share.
You know?
>> Laura?
>> You know?
It's not just about the bottom line.
It's also about driving innovation, and letting people know we're
whimsical and unique, but in, like, a really comfortable, familiar way.
Voosa speaks to an elusive, affluent demographic.
Every day, I talk to the company about verge culture.
You've gotta reach these kids who listen
to Indian bongra music mixed with river dancing.
They like Japanese anime and hip hop.
J Crew, Steve McQueen, Henry Ford, expensive salads.
Marketing is about values, its about taking a stand and what Vooza
believes in is we believe in whatever you want us to believe in.
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