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Find out about the unique office perks available at Vooza. A primal scream room, ‘see-through walls’ and an inspirational foosball table are just some of the ways employees are kept happy.

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>> Every great journey begins with the first step.
And the first step you take here at Vooza is off the elevator.
>> And the space is so elegant.
There's these windows that bring the sense of not being in the
building, but outside of it, like, like a see-through wall.
>> Our primary objective is to create an
office that people love, and never wanna leave.
The kind of place where you're like uh, I forgot I
was even supposed to go to my kid's little league game.
>> And as you enter, we like to pull you into our reception area.
We've really captured the soul of the magazines that are over there.
Like, I like to pretend I'm in Forbes magazine, and I'm a businessman,
telling business people what to do on their business time.
>> Well, it's a free environment where people express themselves, you know?
We have whiteboards everywhere.
Anyone can write on them.
And yeah, sometimes that may look a little
chaotic, but that's how our engineers like it.
>> We have a playful environment here.
We have this spectacular ping pong table that
looks like it just dropped in from outer space.
Ping pong, anyone?
I mean, this is where we do some of our most meaningful play.
And then there's like this foosball table that we have.
Where you can just spin these players over and over again.
And then sometimes I like to pretend I'm one
of those players, and I'm just spinning around and around.
Just, I don't even care if the ball is anywhere near me.
I'm just spinning, you know?
>> We encourage people to take ownership of their spaces.
It teaches people it's okay to be yourself.
>> Lots of perks here.
We've got the refrigerator that's filled
with Red Bull and pudding, you know?
And that puts you in that childlike state of mind, you know?
Which is where I feel the best ideas come from.
>> I expense my massages, my Pilates classes, my eyebrow
shaping, my subscription to US Weekly, my therapist, my Klonopin.
And no one's said anything so far, so I think it's fine.
>> Just like Facebook, we like to offer free
transportation to anyone that wants to commute across our campus.
>> We have a special acoustical space that
employees can use as a primal scream room.
Aah, Mommy!
>> Most companies view their office as the square footage they rent.
We view it as the environment we inhabit.
>> And it's our environment that makes it all possible.
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