Next Generation Marketing

Millenials? Been there. Generation Z? Done that. In this conference talk, Vooza’s CEO explains how to reach the next generation with your marketing.

Now, how about marketing?
It's very important to try to reach the next generation.
Almost everyone in this room is too old.
I don't care about you.
You're too old.
And then you look at what other companies,
they're marketing to Millennials, their marketing to Generation Z.
Well, you could do that too, but you know what?
You're just going to have a me-too product at that point.
The question that I like to ask.
How do I reach your fetus?
>> [LAUGH] >> All right, this is the next wave of marketing, all right?
What better than reaching out to people who don't have
fully formed brains yet, all right?
In fact they can't even breathe on their own.
This is a ripe market.
Talk about targeting non-consumers, all right?
So that's why I market to fetus in utero.
And I have a whole diagram of how I do it.
Basically, what you want to think of is your marketing message as
the placenta.
And you're using the Internet as the umbilical cord to shove your message
into their undeveloped brains so then they are born consumers.
That's what you want.
And, also, I recommend you notice the placement of social media?
Social media down in the lower right corner.
You see where all your hashtags wind up.
It's right there.
Just so you get an idea.
But, yes, I highly advise market to those fetuses.
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you very much, guys.
I appreciate it.

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