Nap Room

The startup world is waking up to the importance of sleep. But Vooza’s nap room becomes a problem when Tyler decides to use it in an unapproved way.

Well, I think we've got to wake up to the importance of sleep.
And that's why here at Vooza, we've set up a couple of nap rooms.
>> Now, you saw the photos.
It's a bit of a cozy space.
>> It's not about how many hours a day you sit at your desk,
it's about how present you are when you're sitting there.
>> So.
>> Now, I know a lot of employees might not be comfortable napping
at the office, but that's why I lead by example.
I come into the office in the morning,
immediately start taking a nap, show people how it's done.
>> We have some fresh towels for you there.
And some soap.
And this is the Wi-Fi password here, it's all lowercase.
And just remember, if anybody asks, you're the new intern.
>> Si.
>> We have a sign up sheet where you can sign up for the nap room.
It's all filled up for today.
And tomorrow.
And the rest of the week.
>> Trying to think, any other questions?
>> Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, who is this guy?
You didn't take the nap room and rent it out as an Airbnb again?
We talked about this?
>> What, no.
This is our new intern Enrique.
>> YavaScript.
>> He's a total tech geek.
>> YavaScript
>> He does seem to know what he's talking about.
All right, are you two going to that networking event later?
>> YavaScript. >> Yeah.

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