Mindfulness in Business

Learn how mindfulness in the workplace can make you more like a business samurai. The big question: How do you embrace meditation and still fire people effectively?

Well, I started meditating recently.
I got a free 21 day online course that was being promoted by Deepak Chopra
and Oprah and Justin Bieber.
It's called Manifesting True Success in Order to
Attain Maximum Profits and Love.
because then things like, say, a server crash or the fact that we
can't pay rent, those become like leaves floating on a stream.
Samurai used to use meditation to become more effective killers.
And also, kamikaze pilots.
And those are some of my biggest business influences.
I've agreed to give my fortune to the Giving Pledge Program
when I eventually pass on.
That's a program started by Bill Gates and William Buffett.
I don't have a fortune as of now, but I've already pledged my eventual
fortune, and wow, I think the Buddha would be pretty impressed by that.
Think I got some karma points coming my way.
Though my hope is that the mindfulness culture I'm instilling here
will optimize work performance and provide genuine fulfillment and
happiness for my employees.
You want to keep it down, I'm trying to meditate in here.
One thing I'm working on is how I can embrace TM and
meditation and still fire people effectively.
Feel the job entering your body.
[SOUND] And then feel the job exiting your body.
[SOUND] As you exit through the elevator accompanied by security.
Because that's one of the challenges.
How do you be mindful and also very cruel, but not feel bad about it?
>> Laura, Laura, Laura.
>> What. >> I just saw Matt fire somebody.
>> What? >> Yeah.
>> Who?
>> It looks like, he basically looks like me except without the muscle and
the skin and the hair.
You know who I'm talking about?
He's always in that room.
He does all my work for me.
This is very bad that he's been fired.
>> The skeleton?
>> Yeah, well, I mean, I don't think he likes to be called that, but yeah.
That guy can drink.

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