Meal Replacement Drink

Cooking, chewing, and swallowing are a big waste of time. Every second your hands are on a knife and fork, they’re not on a keyboard. That’s why Sagar is obsessed with meal replacement drinks.

Time spent eating food is a huge pain point.
It's inefficient, it's wasteful,
all that cooking, chewing, using your hands.
Look, every second your hands are on a knife and fork,
they're not on a keyboard.
Every morning, I do my food routine.
I blend together a half a gallon of water, three and
a half tablespoons of macadamia nut oil and
a 16 ounce bag of powder called nutrasoy, a meal replacement drink.
I sip from the first jar for breakfast, the 2nd for lunch,
it removes food completely from my equation up until about 7 pm.
That way I never have to leave the code zone.
Tastes like a bland pancake batter mixed with a little bit of asphalt.
I like a little grit in there, it's good for the colon.
I've been a little bit of a nutrasoy dealer for my coworkers.
[SOUND] Just right for you.
I know just what you need.
>> Thanks.
[SOUND] >> [SOUND] Dude my gut's killing me man.
>> Stay with it.
>> Thanks to Sagar I'm actually in the middle of a nutrasoy cleanse and
I've been drinking the liquids for three days.
Four days.
I'm Sara.
>> I feel like it's going to start coming out of me like a volcano.
>> Let it come out.
>> [SOUND] >> It's just your body adjusting to the government recommended
amount of fiber.
>> You're a bad man.
>> Let it purge.
>> I am, I'm feeling really [NOISE].
>> You've got lots of options besides nutrasoy, too.
There's Helen of Soy, that's for women, Kibbles 'n Soy, which is for
pets, but I actually happen to like the flavor a lot.
Soy Hood, which is for kids, Soy Vey, that's the kosher version and this,
[SOUND], think I forgot to mark this one.
>> Was somebody sitting at my desk?
because I've got something very important that I left here.
Give me that, now!
>> Tyler!
>> Did you want the bugs fixed in the code, tonight?
Okay, I've been up for 24 hours straight, okay.
So, it's very important.
I got to get rid of the bugs.
There's bugs everywhere.
>> See, it helps with efficiency.
>> I've actually moved on to the next stage of efficiency, an IV drip and
a catheter.
I won't have to leave my desk for eight hours, swallowing, excreting,
they're such time wasters.
Look, find the vein or I'll find somebody who can.
>> I'm trying man, hold on.

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