Maker vs. Manager

Programmer wants to get things done. Manager wants to have a meeting about it. Sound familiar???

There's two kinds of people in the world.
People who do meetings and people who do work.
>> Oh, I love meetings.
I mean, my whole day is a series of meetings,
just meet meet meet meet meet.
I actually like to call them jam sessions.
Let's have a jam sesh.
Let's brainstorm.
>> I can't program anything in an hour.
It takes me that long just to turn on all my monitors.
>> Yeah I got my calendar split up into one hour chunks.
I just fill them up as I go along, you know.
All right everyone.
Great meeting.
Loved it.
Loved it.
Great meeting.
See you back here in, like, ten minutes.
>> I need half a day, at least, to do anything.
>> Yeah, yeah, let's do a meeting.
Let's jam sesh it.
Yeah, what do you think, Wednesday?
I'm pretty much free all day.
All right.
>> I wind up coding from dinner until 3 AM every night
because that's the only time I won't be interrupted.
>> Work life balance,
super important to me because I spend a lot of time flying my drone.
So I do this thing where I put my camera on my drone, then I take a selfie,
but like I'm flying the drone out, and then the drone comes back in.
So it's sort of like the zoom in selfies,
like in the movies where it starts out in outer space and then comes in.
I mean, it's pretty cool.
I get a lot of likes on those.
[INAUDIBLE] Oh, yeah,
all right let's start the meeting, you guys know how we like to start.
The big clap, lets go, come on clap it up.
Meeting time.
Meeting time.
I don't really have an agenda.
I thought we'd just kind of go around the room.
Yeah, I take spec meetings.
I mean, let's get in a room.
Let's riff it out.
Let's get to know each other.
Sometimes you don't know, until you're together in a room,
what the mojo's going to be like.
>> I dream about having an entire day free to work.
No appointments, no meetings, no team building exercises.
Oh my god, that can't ever happen in reality.
That would be heaven.
>> Oh, I actually have free time this afternoon.
Hey Sagar you want to have a jam sesh?
>> Jam sesh?
Can we Matt?
Can we have a, I'm going to strangle you with your own stapler.
>> Jam it out?
Just little jam?
Little jammy jam.
Come on babe, come on babe.

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