Known Unknown Bugs

There are bugs in his code. But are these known bugs or unknown bugs or known unknown bugs?

It looks like Tyler's back from DC working on that app.
>> Tyler, we've been getting reports that the app isn't working.
>> Reports that say the application aren't working are always interesting
to me because, [COUGH] as you know, there are known bugs.
That is to say, there are bugs that are known.
There are also bugs that are known-unknown bugs,
that is to say we know that they are unknown bugs.
There are also unknown-unknown bugs,
which is to say we do not know that we do not know there are bugs.
And if you look throughout the history- >> [CROSSTALK] What app was Tyler
working on?
>> It's the same one that Donald Rumsfeld made.
>> You will see that sometimes we know what we know.
And sometimes we just don't know what we think we know that we don't know.
You know. >> So was this a known bug or an unknown bug?
>> I'm not going to say which one that it is.
>> But we need to know for- >> I'm going to now be taking questions from
this side of the room.
>> You need me to make an error page to put up?
>> Sarah, you show up at a browser with the code you have,
not the code that you wish to have or want to have at a later time.
>> So, does that mean, yes?
>> I'm not going to be taking any more questions.
I am late for a lunch date with Mr. Dick Cheney.
At ease, soldiers.

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