Just Say No

When you’re building software, you need to say no to most things.

>> Focus isn't about saying yes to something.
It's about saying no to hundreds of things.
>> I think we're more proud of the things we haven't done,
than the things we, we have done.
>> We didn't do Google.
We didn't do Pinterest.
>> Mm-hm.
>> We didn't do anything successful.
>> We've never been part of anything profitable and
we're super proud of that.
>> Software doesn't have any physical borders.
>> Mm-hm. >> It can just keep growing and growing.
And that's how it gets so bloated and complicated.
>> Yeah, when, when you're building an app,
you're going to want to say no to most things.
>> Yep features.
>> People.
>> Meetings.
>> Basic human emotions.
>> Showers.
>> Wait, you want to shower, maybe you keep showers in this.
>> Not one of those things, you need any of those things.
>> Just a light, just take a light rinse.
>> None of it.
You don't need them.
>> When you're building a product, it's it's like packing.
You're going to want to plan for what you need, and
then [SOUND] remove half.
>> And then, [SOUND] remove half of that.
>> Right.
Then cancel your trip.
>> Yeah, you didn't need to go to that place.
>> Why? >> You know just burn everything you own.
Mm-hm, set fire to all of it.
>> Yeah, that's when you become really agile.
>> Yeah, you go on vacation you bring, you just bring a pair of socks and
that's it.
>> One pair of socks.
>> One pair of socks.
>> So how do we handle feature requests?
>> We say thank you for sending this.
>> Mm-hm. >> We think it's a great idea, and we can understand why you
would think that this is something that should be in the product.
But we're not going to do that.
Instead, we're going to do something else that your big,
fat pig head was too stupid to know it wanted in the first place.
You're welcome, you dumb dumb.
>> Dumb, you dumb idiot.
>> No is easier to say, if you say it early.
It's a lot harder to say no later in the game.
Here, watch, ask me a question.
>> Do you?
>> No.
>> How much would it?
>> No.
>> Would you like to?
>> No.
>> If I wanted to?
>> Nyet.
>> Okay, this isn't fair.
>> Nein!
>> It's not fair because you're not letting me ask.
>> No, French.
>> You said ask you.
>> No, Spanish!
>> How can you even?
>> Bonk!
>> You can't say no if I didn't even get the full.
>> [SOUND] >> Let me at least.
>> [SOUND].
>> [MUSIC]
>> All right, this doesn't seem fair.
>> Cha!
That's Zulu for no.
>> But what if?
>> Cha!

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