Job Requirements

How do you find the next Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerberg? In this video, Vooza explains what you should look for in job applicants. Hint: You want someone who is enthusiastic, gullible, and has MVI. (What’s MVI? Watch and learn.)

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Steve jobs.
Bill Gates.
Mark Zuckerberg.
What do they all have in common.
College dropouts.
At Vooza we only hire college dropouts.
>> I uh, I dropped outta high school.
>> Yeah.
Me too.
Dropping or getting kicked outta
high school shows real entrepreneurial spirit.
The main thing I'm looking for in a candidate is that sparkle.
>> Does your enthusiasm permeate the walls of our offices like a disease?
Because if you can't get people excited, then
that's gonna be a big problem around here.
>> In the tech world, you've gotta
be incredibly passionate about really boring things.
Like, you have got to love.
Spreadsheets, or pretend, pretend to, love them.
Pretending is, can be just as good as love.
>> The smaller salaries and longer hours.
Your best bet is attracting people
who are global and believe your propaganda.
>> You need to care more about our mission than.
And whether or not they're gonna get health care.
>> Cuz they won't.
>> No.
>> It's kind of a hard rule around
here that we only hire employees with MVI.
>> What's that?
>> A.
>> It's minimum viable.
>> See, I did not know that.
>> We have a lot of employees with amazing skills.
Uh, for example we have one of the world's best jugglers.
Circus skills is probably our number one core value.
>> There's no way to prepare yourself for working at Vooza.
Who knows what's gonna happen.
You know?
You might all of a sudden realize, hey, I'm
singing karaoke with one of my coworkers, you know?
>> Yeah, or you could be leading a Nerf gun attack.
>> Yeah, or in like a cookie eating contest.
Mouthful of cookies.
>> [SOUND]
Ar, parading around like a pirate.
>> Yeah, yeah, yeah, or, you're like uh, oh, you're a, you're a monkey,
you're like a monkey from show business
who's been doing it too long, you know?
>> Right, and then people love to say, oh, you
guys are weird and fun and those are our core values.
>> Yeah.
Weird and fun.
That's, that's who we are.
Those are our core
>> Sometimes we can be really fun in
an old movie, like an old Western movie.
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