This is what happens when selfies go wrong! Watch Vooza’s CEO get a roomful of tech conference attendees to jump in the air and take photos of themselves.

How can I be an image innovator?
You know, what would Steve do here?
And I think there's an important lesson from that book,
is that you need to stand at the intersection.
You need to find the place where you can combine ideas.
And for Steve, it was the intersection of technology and the humanities.
All right, that was the space that he owned, that he carved out,
that was his island.
So I look at the imaging space.
Where can I stand at the intersection?
Well, you know where I can stand?
Right at the intersection of jumping photos and selfies.
That's right, no one's ever done this before.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to reveal to you the jelfie.
[APPLAUSE] That's right.
We're about to go viral people, I hope you're ready.
Take a look, ladies and gentlemen, the world's first jelfie.
[APPLAUSE] There it is everyone.
Now I'll show you some more examples.
Fir, we've got the, the beach jumping photo, we've all seen that.
You know?
But it's been done.
The beach jelfie, though, [SOUND] brand new.
[APPLAUSE] Brand new.
You're not used to the beach jelfie, are you?
We've got Kim Kardashian doing the, bathroom mirror selfie.
Okay, let's do the mirror jelfie.
There it is, everyone.
[APPLAUSE] A key step to the bathroom mirror jelfie, in my opinion?
Leave the toilet bowl in.
A lot of people overlook the impact of a good toilet bowl.
The gym selfie, gym jelfie.
[APPLAUSE] Let's do it.
There it is.
Look at that.
You're working out while taking a portrait.
How about that?
Not a lot of people thought about this.
And of course, we got the duck face selfie.
Well, ladies and gentleman, this presentation would not be
complete without a duck face jelfie, there it is everyone.
I'm going to take a jelfie right now of all of you behind me while
while I'm doing.
So yeah, stand up and take a jelfie, jump in the air.
Take a photo of yourself and post it somewhere.
[SOUND] Here we go everyone, this is the technique.
[SOUND] Make, make sure to open your mouth or make a face, you know.
Let, let's do a couple of them.
[SOUND] There it is.
I like it.
I like what I'm seeing, people.
[SOUND] The blurry the better.
It's part of, it's part of the charm of the jelfie.

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