Insider Threats [Sponsored]

Like Glenn Greenwald and Edward Snowden in a Moscow hotel room, the Vooza team silently passes notes in order to avoid audio-bugs. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t prying eyes around.




Sponsor: Varonis protects enterprise data from insider threats and cyberattacks. Lock down sensitive data, track and analyze user behavior, stop ransomware, and more.  Find out how.

So the update that I want to give you is about the new file protection.
>> So this is huge.
>> Yeah, this is top secret.
If anyone heard this, we're in trouble.
>> Okay.
>> What we're going to be doing.
This is the data which is the most sensitive.
>> Right, right.
[LAUGH] >> And then the protection is going to be.
We're also going to be- >> Okay, hold on, hold on,
because this is actually dangerous.
>> I know.
>> Is there a way to protect this data if it gets out there?
>> We're going to do that.
Did you know that?
>> What?
>> That.
Did you know that?
>> Can I be honest with you about something?
>> Okay.
>> I'm having a really hard time understanding your handwriting.
>> My handwriting?
My handwriting is fine.
Anyone can read my handwriting.
>> I mean, it's not fine.
Is that a P or is that a D?
>> I've never had anyone tell me they can't read my handwriting.
>> Is that a P or a D? >> That is a P.
Why would I write dassword?
Laura, can you come in here?
>> Yeah, I don't know if I got any of this.
>> Yeah, come here.
>> I was just looking at it again, and I don't think I got any of it.
>> Laura, what does this say?
>> The password to access secure customer files
is rover 25 Detroit exclamation point.
>> Thank you very much.
See, even Laura can read it, all right.
>> What is that supposed to mean?
>> Don't worry about it.
Thanks, you can go.
>> So I mean, that's for the customer data.
For the credit card files, those are being stored, Here.
>> [LAUGH] Okay, I understand this.
That is ridiculous.
>> See, most data breaches are caused by insiders.
That's why companies should protect their data from the inside out
with Varonis,
and that writing stuff down on a piece of paper, that's a terrible idea.
If you'll excuse me, I got to make a phone call.
Hi, is this social security number 496-37-8657?
Great, I'm calling to blackmail you.
Listen, if you don't want your personal information leaked, I'm going to
need about 500 bit coins sent to this address in the next 96 hours.
I'd also love a gift certificate to Whole Foods.
>> So, where do you want to go for lunch?
>> Let's see, how about?
>> So, now does that say tacos or Chinese?
>> Seriously, man?
>> Donuts?

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