I Went To RISD

Meet Vooza’s Head Designer. You don’t get design the way he gets design. Dieter Rams designed his toothbrush!

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Still find this amusing do we.
>> No, no, no, no.
Your outfit's terrific.
>> Yeah.
>> I don't think you get design the way I get design.
I went to RISD, okay?
Rhode Island School of Design.
Ever heard of it?
Have a wallpaper magazine, ever heard of that?
Subscriber since 2003.
My furniture in my apartment is arranged
according to one of Josef Muller-Brockmanns grids.
I've got three houseplants and each one
is from a different zen garden from Kyoto.
Dieter Rams designed my toothbrush.
I've met Jonathan Ive's housekeeper's son.
Ever heard of the typographer Tobias Frere-Jones?
Well, I am the one who convinced him to
keep the Frere in his name, you know why?
Because I get design.
I went to RISD, did I mention that?
>> You mentioned.
>> I did.
So when I tell you that my outfit
is from the cutting edge of fashion from Helsinki!
You all might wanna listen.
>> I guess I, I guess I don't get designed.
>> No.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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