How To Network

Schmoozing is hard for shy people, but there are some tips you can use to up your game at networking events. Watch the King of Networking to see how it’s done – or…maybe not so much.

>> Hey, man.
>> Hey.
>> Hey. So I was just scoping out the vibe of the room, trying to figure
out who to talk to. I noticed you guys were standing with a little gap
in between each participant of the conversation. So I thought you'd be more
welcoming to a newcomer. [LAUGH] >> Of course. I'm Dave.
>> But, I promise that I will be slow and
make a meaningful connection with both of you.
And I am not just looking for a new client or an investor.
>> You know, we're just saying- >> So
I have like a list of topics that I'm willing to talk about.
One of them is the latest sporting event [LAUGH].
Or the stocks, the stocks that may go up, but
then they come right back down, you know?
[LAUGH] And I'll respond with a piece of conversation that's unique to me,
like a restaurant tip or my opinion on a political event.
But it won't be too edgy of an opinion.
I understand that I've been talking a lot.
But I promise, I will take time to listen to you guys.
To let you talk about things that are interesting to you,
to ask you questions.
I will lean in while you're talking,
raise my eyebrows a little bit like this, and say things like, really.
I see.
So, what do you guys want to talk about?
>> I'm going to get a drink.
>> Really?
I see. >> I need to go to the bathroom.
>> Really?
But you didn't get my card.
>> I mean, what are you doing?
You could just, you could just talk to a person.
>> Really?
>> Yeah.
>> I see.
>> It seems like you read an article on networking.
>> Really?
>> Yeah, really.
>> I see.
>> Stop doing that.
>> Really?
>> Really.
>> I see.
>> I see, too.
>> You're good.

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