Hooking Up The Projector

No one ever seems to know how to hook up the projector. Maybe it’s a missing dongle. Or maybe it’s haunted by evil spirits.

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I don't know, does anyone know how to hook up the projector?
Uh, yeah.
You've got the wrong dongle.
>> Let me fix it.
>> [SOUND]
>> Guys, guys, I can solve this.
Let me just go get my candles.
>> Okay.
>> Yeah.
>> [MUSIC]
>> [SOUND]
>> Guardians of the west, we ask of you to watch over us.
Commune with us over this projector.
Our beloved projector.
We ask of you to give this projector, life.
>> Projector, spirit give us the light and shine us through the glory.
>> [LAUGH] It worked.
Thank you, projector spirit, you can go now.
>> Thanks, Satan.
>> Actually, I just plugged it in.
>> [SOUND].
You're just feeling intimidated by my psychic abilities.
>> But it wasn't.
>> [SOUND].
You're really vulnerable right now.
>> No.
>> [SOUND].
Never summon a demon or you be
sure of the ability to face the consequences.
>> Okay.
>> [COUGH].
I'm so sorry about that.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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