Hiring Tips

Learn how hiring is like dating, how to network, and the best way to judge potential employees.

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When I interview people, I rarely talk about the things that they've done.
You know, I'm like George Bush with Vladimir Putin, I
just stare into their eyes and I judge their soul.
You can't just rely on the job boards.
You need to network.
You need to be handing out your cards.
You know, you need to, you need to be out there.
You need to be getting this, out there.
>> Yeah.
And these.
Have your fingers meet with their fingers.
And we can be fingers.
>> You need to walk in a room, and you
need people to say oh no, not this guy again.
>> And yet also be genuine.
>> Would you hire a magician without asking him to show you some tricks?
>> No.
>> Would you hire a caterer for your wedding without tasting their food?
>> Uh, no.
>> And yet everyday programmers are hired on the
basis of their resume or because they give good interview.
We don't fall for that.
>> No.
In fact, before we hire anybody, we make them
do a magic trick and then make us dinner.
Sometimes we make them do both.
One time a guy sent us a box of doughnuts and pasted inside the box was a
link to a YouTube video of him telling us why he wanted to work at Vooza.
>> Right, and, and of course we ate all
the donuts while watching the deleted scenes of Forest Gump.
And we threw the box away because, you know, it's trash.
>> Right.
Didn't watch the video.
>> I like to say hiring for a startup is a lot like dating.
>> Yeah, it is actually, cuz I mean
say your wearing this mask to lure them in.
It's, it's a superficial thing at first, but
that allows them to get comfortable, and then when
they let their guard down that's when you
pounce and trap them and then they're yours forever.
You've got them in your sites in your hooks.
>> That's not exactly what I meant Steve.
>> It puts the lotion in the basket, or it gets the hose again.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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