Hip Hop Entrepreneur

Being a rapper and being an entrepreneur have a lot in common. Learn all about it with Vooza’s CEO and hip hop star Young Lawrd as they discuss their new collaboration.

Together, we are joint investors in a website called Hip Hop Guru,
which translates rap lyrics.
>> Yeah, it was started by three of my buddies from Stanford.
They're all white, but they really understand black culture.
>> And I get 10% for being the face of it.
>> I mean, I love rap music, and almost all my blog
posts start with a quote from Jay-Z, or Kanye, or Yung Lawrd.
And last night, Yung Lawrd and I,
we were on stage together at this loft party in Tribeca.
Jimmy Fallon came on stage.
I mean, we're all just really good friends.
>> Yeah, we're just two really good friends.
We're not trying to sell you nothing.
We're just two friends hanging out.
>> Yeah, just really good homies.
>> Homies.
>> I was actually in a rap group in high school.
My name was MC Clock Clock.
My flow was really tight, I got to say.
I had some tight flow.
>> Who is Matt and why I am friends with him?
That's easy.
We're friends because rap and being an entrepreneur have a lot in common.
I grew up in the Queensbridge Housing Projects.
>> Yeah, and I grew up nearby in Scarsdale, but
it was like the rough part of Scarsdale.
>> I struggled through poverty.
>> I get it too, because I worked at a company that IPOd for
well below the value of its Series D funding round.
>> Every single day of my life until I started making money rapping,
I ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
And tuna fish sandwiches and things that didn't match like
corn beef hash and Apple Jacks, every single day.
>> Yeah, I mean I didn't have that exact experience, but I used to work at
a company that had a personal chef, and I told him I was gluten free.
And yet, every day, I'd show up, there'd be something with gluten, and
I'd be like, come on dude, you don't get it.
I'm into a lot of obscure hip hop, people you probably haven't heard of.
Like, The Notorious BIG, often referred to as Biggie.
Who else?
Dr. Dre, Tupac.
A lot of West Coast stuff, really.
Silicon Valley and Compton.
>> Yeah, man.
And that's why I wanted to present you with this hat, man,
you're official now.
>> Wow.
Man, word.
Does it look good?
Do I look on fleek?
My codes got 99 bugs, but a JavaScript error ain't one of them [LAUGH]
>> Yo, what is this [BLEEP] bull [BLEEP]?
I thought you said they weren't filming.
>> Hey you guys shouldn't be filming this part.
>> I don't know, man, [BLEEP] not to.
>> Goddamn, get that out of here.
>> We still on for dinner though?
>> Hell no.

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