Vooza has been hacked and Charles thinks he knows who’s behind it.

[MUSIC] Charles, why did you make our email exchanges public?
Now everybody knows that I called Matt a hemorrhoid, and
that I have hemorrhoids.
>> I didn't.
I think we got hacked by North Korea.
>> North Korea gave me hemorrhoids?
Wait, that makes so much sense.
>> Hey Charles, did you give out our Basecamp password?
because someone just put our business plan on Reddit.
>> I thought our business plan was all gibberish.
>> Yeah, exactly.
Now I'm getting calls from investors being like, what are you doing?
I have nothing to say.
>> We got hacked by North Korea.
>> Oh, come on, that's like the fourth time you've said that today, man.
>> What's going on with my Seamless account?
No matter what I order from whatever restaurant, they're sending me kimchi.
>> If you've logged onto Seamless in this office,
it's been hacked by North Korea.
>> Charles, you're the only one here with access to our Twitter.
Why would you tweet, make fruits cascade down and their sweet aroma fill
the air on the sea of apple trees at the foot of Chopez?
>> What's Chopez?
>> I think it's a cocktail bar on 23rd.
>> No, it's a mountain range in North Korea.
They hacked us and they tweeted that.
>> Yeah, okay and they also tweeted the new Batman Superman trailer?
>> No, that was me.
>> Charles, why did you change my Pinterest boards to fish,
nuclear bombs and Dennis Rodman?
>> Charles, you cracked into my Tinder account and
swiped right on every girl within ten miles?
I can't go to Yonkers.
>> I definitely didn't do that.
I watched you do that at lunch.
>> Yeah, we all saw you do that.
>> Yeah, you announced it.
>> Yeah.
>> You're disgusting.
>> Look, we were hacked by the Republic of North Korea.
>> [CROSSTALK] >> But,
why would North Korea want to hack Vooza?
>> Because of Sager's blog.
>> My baking blog?
>> No. >> My anti ice sculpture blog?
Those things suck, all of them.
>> No.
>> All right, well just tell us because I have like, 20 blogs.
>> Kim Jong Bun,
the blog where you Photoshop a man bun on the Supreme Leader.
>> This one's good.
>> He looks pretty good shirtless.
>> That's some of my best work.
>> I would swipe right.

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