When Sarah goes overboard on using Groupon, the team decides to stage a Groupon-vention.

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Hey, is it someone's birthday?
>> It's no one's birthday Sarah.
>> We need to talk to you.
You've got a problem.
We've seen how you groupon, and how much you groupon.
You've a grouponolic or whatever you call it.
>> Is this about that sexy stiletto
workout session I bought form the fem suite?
Those ladies helped me sculped my quads and my calves.
Now, you want to make this into some huge deal or something?
>> Sarah, no one's arguing that you have a hot bod, okay.
You are a grouper.
You're addicted to grouponing.
>> What are you talking about?
I'm not even on Groupon right now.
I haven't been on Groupon in three days, three days.
What does that tell you?
>> It tells us you're broke.
>> Sarah you're out of control, those colon
hydrotherapy sessions you put like 900 of them.
>> Am I not allowed to have one bad day?
I had one bad day and I bought those hydro-colon therapy sessions.
Those ladies help massage my colon so I
could release excess waste out of my duct work.
What is this some kind of sick sport?
Who else wants at me?
>> You need more.
You once bought a three day juice
cleanse because it was Gwyneth Paltrow's favorite.
>> How dare you.
How dare you mention that I love Gwyneth Paltrow in front of everybody.
>> Because you do love Gwyneth Paltrow and you are a liar and you are a.
Group Head?
Group, you said group.
>> I said Group.
>> You said Group, that's cute, I like that one.
>> I said Grouper.
>> No, that's a fish, I don't, that doesn't make any sense.
>> What about Groupinista?
>> Shut up, Zach.
I want you to get better.
>> [SOUND]
My name is Steve.
You probably recognize me as the character, Steve.
You know, Groupon addiction is no laughing matter.
If you or a friend is addicted to Grouponing, please, call this number.
And if you can get three friends to call, your treatment is free.
All right.
Let's dive back into this, huh?
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