Group Interview

A job interview that tests your problem solving abilities. It’s a roller coaster of questions, riddles, and astrological assessments.

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Thanks for coming in.
Really impressive resume`.
Uh, gonna have you meet with a few members
of our team to make sure you're a good fit.
>> Hey thanks for coming.
It's really exciting to meet you.
>> We'd like to ask some questions to test your problems solving ability.
>> How do you measure four gallons of
water only using a three and five gallon jug?
>> How much would you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle?
>> Why won't my ex-wife return my calls?
>> How many times a day do the hands on a clock overlap?
>> How would the person who likes you least describe you?
>> How many piano tuners are there in the entire world?
>> Have you ever had a supervisor challenge your behavior before?
>> We've also got your Myers-Briggs test results here, and you are an INTP.
>> Your astrology chart is really fascinating.
>> How many golf balls fit in a school bus asshole?
>> I mean I can't even remember a
time that we disagreed here,we're like one big family.
>> Disagreement?
One of our core values.
>> What would you say is the biggest risk you've ever taken?
Ah, cause one time I was at this bachelor party in
South Africa which, I know what you're thinking, ah, isn't that
the highest rate of HIV in the world and ah, yes,
that is true, but a bachelor party is a bachelor party.
So, there I am, I'm high out of my mind on ivory dust.
For your FYI that is a ground up like elephant tusk.
You get that straight in your brain and let's just say I didn't feel like I
was in South Africa anymore, I felt like
I was moon walking on the moon, anyways.
>> Yeah, so uh, explain to me what a database is but
in terms that an eight year old could understand and also go slowly.
>> I mean would you consider that manslaughter?
>> Which one is the cat, which one is me?
Trick question, we're both me, this is my horcrux.
>> I see that water is dominant in your chart, that means
it's tough for you to get in touch with your physical plain.
My advice, is when that happens just go outside, take a walk
in the park, hug a tree, work with clay, get a massage.
Did I already say that one?
I don't know, make eye contact with squirrels, you know
just remind yourself that you're part of the physical plain.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24

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