At Vooza, our main focus is getting funding. We’ve met with all the big VC firms and learned a lot. In this video, we discuss how much cash you need to build a successful app, getting money vs. advice, the problem with constraints, cage-free ideas, Ramen profitability, and vision. We have SO much vision.

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I mean, focus is getting more funding.
I mean, color was an app that was
started with $41 million in funding, and that failed.
And I think there's a clear lesson here.
You need a lot more than $41 million to build a successful app.
>> There's an old saying in the investing world.
You know, if you're looking for money, you'll get advice.
If you're looking for advice, you'll get money.
So let's just say that here at
Vooza, we're really looking for advice, you know?
If you have advice in the bank, so we wanna talk.
>> There's something about being constrained early
on, that it forces you to focus.
And we're not comfortable with that.
When you focus you lose sight of the bigger picture.
I never focus.
>> Once you build a product you start limiting yourself.
And we want the possibilities to be
endless, we want our ideas to roam free.
Now we want cage free ideas.
>> Money is only the second best thing an investor can bring to the table.
First thing they have to bring is the name of a contact in at TechCrunch.
When TechCrunch announces that Vooza is getting
funding, that's how we'll know we've made it.
I mean look at the companies that
get featured, what, what's their success rate?
>> It's a group of winners.
Well, you'll hear a lot of companies talk about try to be Ramen profitable.
Uh, I mean, I didn't get an MPA from
an Ivy league college, so I could eat Ramen.
We know what investors are looking for.
Passion, skill, maturity, vision.
>> Yeah, we have so much vision here.
>> We have a lot of vision.
Here we've met with all the big VC firms, you know.
Red Point.
>> Blue Run.
>> Green Fin.
>> Yellow Fever.
>> Union Square Ventures.
>> Google Ventures.
>> Walk Don't Run By The Ventures.
>> Klein and Perkins, Hold, and Koffield.
>> Diamond, Yauck, and Harvis.
Belbiv and Devoe.
>> Benchmark Capital.
>> First Run Capital.
>> State Capital.
>> Uh Lower Case Capital.
The Washington Capital.
>> Uh Capital Capital.
>> Uh, Capitol One the credit card.
>> Also the Washington Redskins.
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