Frozen Eggs

Tech companies are facing a lot of pressure to hire more women.  So Vooza, inspired by Apple and Facebook, is adding a new benefit for female employees: egg-freezing. You’ll be shocked at just how easy it is to do.

Stanford, two years at Google, great references, I'm impressed.
>> Just what we are looking for.
>> So what do you do for fun?
>> Well, I love my dog.
I have a teacup Yorkie.
Her name is Tulip.
>> Well, we are a pet friendly office.
>> Oh, great.
>> We've got a lot of great perks here.
We have a great 401k, great healthcare plan.
>> Oh, do you have kids?
>> No.
>> And when was your last period?
>> Period.
>> Yeah.
Two weeks ago?
>> Okay, so you're ovulating right now, huh?
>> Excuse me?
>> We'll freeze your eggs.
>> Your eggs, we'll freeze them.
>> I do it all the time.
I actually keep them in the freezer right next to the popsicles.
[LAUGH] >> I'd do it if I could.
>> That doesn't seem necessary, I'm 26.
>> Oh, so you're right on time for this.
You can put off motherhood as long as you want.
>> Why should we let biology tell us when to have kids?
>> Yeah, why should we?
>> That is what science is for.
>> I'm really not that interested in having my eggs frozen.
>> Really? because I hear it's totally painless.
>> We could do it right now.
>> Oh my God.
>> Yeah, in just like two minutes, we could put your motherhood on ice.
>> Mm-hm.
>> Now that's a show I'd see, right, motherhood on ice.
>> [LAUGH] >> Okay.
I'll take my chances.
But thank you guys so much for meeting me.
>> Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hang on. Hang on.
Hang on.
>> You drive a hard bargain.
>> We don't normally offer this to new employees, but
we'll freeze your dog's eggs too.
>> What?
>> Yeah, I mean Tulip's in her prime right now, okay?
If she has a litter of puppies, that's going to mess things up for
her at the dog park.
>> Tulip needs to lean in.
>> Okay, you know what?
I'm done.
>> Why? No, this is a great place for women to work.
We keep the temperature at 82 degrees every day, all day.
>> We don't abide by the patriarchy definition of room temperature.
>> The men are hot.
We don't care about them.
>> No more tiny sweaters.

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