Founder Tips: Status in Silicon Valley

Vooza’s CEO explains 1) how to convey status in the tech world, 2) the worst thing you can do to your email list, and 3) the best part about working from coffeeshops.

To convey status in Silicon Valley, wear jeans, drive a Tesla, tell
people you were hired by Facebook in 2005, and get married in a forest.
There's a special place in hell for
anyone who makes you log in in order to unsubscribe from their email list.
>> Should we change the unsubscribe?
>> No, for us it's fine.
I always work from coffee shops because I love painfully weak Wi-Fi
They remind me of the connections I have with my own family members.
It's okay Charles.
You're like a son to me.
>> [LAUGH] Does that mean I will inherit the company?
>> You're like a son.
But, legally, you're not a son.
>> Can I inherit the scanner?
>> I'll think about it.
Can you remove your hand from my arm?
Thanks. >> You don't feel the warmth?
>> No, I feel the warmth, that's kind of the issue.

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