Founder Tips: Innorupt

Vooza’s founder gives a crazy email tip, explains how to write a mission statement, and shows how to┬ácombine innovation and disruption. #innorupt

The longer your emails are,
the more people will think you're a crazy person.
And you know what?
Nobody wants to fight a crazy person.
Set a clear, easy to understand vision for your company,
a mission that people believe in.
Write it down, put it in a drawer, and then never refer to it again.
My main goals are to innovate and to disrupt.
Or as I like to put it, innorupt.
>> Interrupt?
>> No, innorupt.
>> I.
>> N-N-O-R-U-P-T.
>> Some people might find that confusing.
>> Yeah, progress often is.

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