Form vs. Function

Vooza’s designers debate form vs. function and show love for Swiss and Japanese design.

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Japanese design is my biggest inspiration.
In fact, my iPhone case was designed
by master Japanese Samurai swordsman, Mubuhiro Watanabe.
>> I can feel the aesthetics and soul of centuries
of Japanese craftsmanship every time he sends me a text.
I always loved, loved, loved Swiss design.
In fact, a lot of my career I've been called Jimmy Switzerland.
I think that's because I love grids so much.
>> Or maybe it's because you only
drink Swiss Miss hot chocolate all the time.
>> That is true.
I also clip my toenails in the kitchen using a Swiss Army knife.
And I am very neutral in arguments.
It's a very Switzerland thing to do.
Design critiques can be confrontational and it can get ugly.
>> Actually I invented a D gesture
for when artists get defensive about their work.
As soon as I see someone build up a wall around themselves.
I just give him one of these.
>> Actually, I came up with the idea, i'm pretty sure.
>> Uh Nate.
Our challenge is to take something like an
error message and then to build beauty into that.
>> To get people there and keep them there.
Even if they wanna leave.
>> Yeah, you're not going anywhere.
You're so drab
>> Definitely don't wanna compromise on that.
Get back!
The decisions that get made have tremendous buy-in, because
we know that everyone has the same visions and goals.
For instance whats more important, form or function?
>> Form.
>> Function.
You know, function.
You wouldn't buy something that, that didn't work
just cuz of how it would look nice.
>> If something's ugly, people will vomit and then you've lost it.
>> You know I am sensitive about my ability to keep food down.
And I invented that.
Every morning I do an hour of
meditation, and then an hour of insider trading.
That way it gets me in the mindset
of relaxed, nice guy, and rule breaking bad boy.
I believe in minimalism.
>> His apartment is a loft with one shelf.
>> Yeah.
And that shelf holds everything I own.
Cameras, books, clothes.
>> He wears the same clothes a lot.
>> It makes me look at the way my life is
impacted, and how much physical possessions are really important to me.
That space defines how I think as a
designer, forcing me to take priority over physical possessions.
>> He wears the same clothes all of the time.
No, you just can't tell the
difference between seafoam blue and periwinkle blue.
>> Nate, look.
>> Yeah, well I'm
giving you.
>> I don't know what that is.
>> That's a B.
For butt head.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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