Font Selection

Careful with that Comic Sans! Picking the wrong font can be a fatal mistake.

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All right buddy, this is a big meeting.
These are big advertisers.
Okay, so, let's just go in there.
Just be your confident, cool self.
All right?
>> Okay.
>> Just, try to pretend like, you know, you're
the guy before you went to RISD, all right?
>> All right.
>> And if they wanna go with
Comic Sans, we're going with Comic Sans, alright?
>> If they ask me to use Comic Sans, I am walking out, okay?
I am not gonna design anything with goddamn Comic Sans, all right?
>> Calm down, all right man?
Calm down.
Did you bring your Xanax?
>> Yes.
>> Just relax, okay?
>> All right.
>> And don't talk about Helvetica too much.
>> Helvetica, now that is a font with clarity.
Did I ever tell you about the font seminar I attended in Basil Switzerland?
Now before getting there.
>> No, no, no, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Just, just be cool okay?
Just be a confident dude.
>> All right.
>> All right?
>> No, Nate, no!
No, spit them out!
>> They're down, they're down, I'm going towards the light.
Make sure my tombstone is written in Futura.
>> No!
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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