Follow Your Passion

Your business plan doesn’t matter if you’re following your passion.


Charles, you know what the key to having a great start-up is?
It's passion, man.
That's all you need is passion.
So, I got to thinking, what's my passion?
And, when I'm honest with myself,
I guess the thing I'm most passionate about, eating Cheetos.
They're so good I just want to eat 'em all day [NOISE].
>> And how can you turn that into a business?
>> Well, actually I already did turn it into a business.
It's a little business I like to call Cheeto Rabbit.
It's where I come to your house and I eat your Cheetos for you.
>> Okay, how do you plan on making money off that?
>> Look in my eye, Charles.
What do you see?
>> I see a lot of orange powder.
>> Yeah, right. That's the Cheeto dust.
What do you see in the Cheeto dust, Charles?
>> I don't know.
>> Passion. You see passion, Charles.
>> Passion.
>> Passion.
>> Passion.
>> And some thiamine monotrates and a little bit of riboflavin.
And that passion is what I bring to the client, day in and day out.
And I'm willing to work with them any way they choose.
Let's say, hey maybe they don't want me to eat that many,
maybe they just want me to eat the Cheeto dust at the bottom of the bag.
I'll do it.
Hey maybe they've got like a big industrial size,
like Costco jug full of Cheetos, I'll eat those too.
You know maybe they just want to pay a stranger to come over and
eat some poison disguised as food from the people at Frito Lay.
I'm down with it.
I'll do it with a smile on my face.
That's why I tell all my interns.
I say, listen, if you are passionate about what you're into,
it doesn't feel like work any more.
It feels like you're getting paid to have fun.
Don't worry about what the world needs,
because what the world actually needs is more passionate people.
>> Got it.
That's really inspiring.
Thank you.
[SOUND] >> So what are you passionate about, Charles?
>> I've always been passionate about helping other people.
>> Yeah, there's not really any money in that.
You interested in an investment opportunity?
>> Absolutely, yes, yes, I'm interested.
>> Great, how much money you got?
>> So I have $113.
>> Yeah, that'll do.

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