Flow State [Sponsored]

Vooza’s coders offer tips for getting into a flow state. When you’re programming in the zone, it’s like being on ecstasy. (SponsorAtlassian products help software teams of all sizes track and share everything so they can create better software.)

When I'm in the zone, I'm completely wired in.
I lose track of time, I lose track of my surroundings.
It's like a dream-like state.
It's pretty much like programming in a sensory deprivation tank.
Programming in the zone is an ecstatic state.
>> And we should know, because we're also addicted to Ectasy.
>> That's why I listen to electronic dance music when I'm wired in.
And I use glow sticks.
Like lots of them.
And a pacifier.
>> Yeah, I've experienced it time and time again.
My hand is entirely devoid of itself.
I have nothing thing to do whats happening.
I just siit there and watch in awe and wonderment.
And the code, it just flows out.
>> Like an artist, you just feel the creative flow.
>> I do of think myself as a poet, a poet with stock options of course.
>> I would you say you're more like a composer.
>> They do call me the maestro of development.
>> Yeah, that's because when we're using Atlasian
software, he uses a baton to coordinate us.
>> Right well my team tracks down bugs
using Atlasian Jira, and those are the strings.
And then I tell them manage code
using dev tools, and those are the cymbals.
>> He loves cymbals.
>> Well cymbals are brassy and bold.
Just like me, I'm the maestro.
I risk serious distraction with anything else open.
You open up an e-mail app on my machine, I pass out on the spot.
>> A cold office.
The heat slows you down and makes you sleepy.
I keep the thermostat at 42 degrees Fahrenheit, no more no less.
Helps with the blood flow, helps with the code flow.
>> Immediate feedback.
That's why we're constantly running unit tests.
We ask questions for everything.
Do you like me?
>> How does my hair look?
>> Do my shoes need to be shined?
>> What if you can bite your own toe nails?
Should you?
>> Do you think Justin Timberlake should focus on music or acting?
>> Is it time to go?
Is it, Is it time to go?

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