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You can’t talk to a VC like a civilian. You’ve got to show them you embrace risk. You’ve got to talk deal structures and valuations. And then you’ve got to deal with the rejection that follows. Vooza’s VP of Business Development shows you how it’s done.

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It's too early to judge Vooza.
I mean, yeah, we've lost money everyday that we've been in business.
Some people call it failure.
I call that consistency.
When I walk into a VC's office, I set the table right away.
Way I say, hey, let's talk deal structures, terms, and valuations.
But uh, you first cuz I don't know what those things mean.
Ambiguity and risk are just part of the start up life.
You gotta embrace them.
You know, if you're not willing to take the risk,
what's to encourage a partner to take a risk on you.
That's why I never wear condoms.
Running a start up is like eating glass.
First, you put it in your mouth and you're just like, I don't like this.
This feels bad to me.
Then, you're chewing, you're chewing and you're like,
I kind of, I kind of like this.
I like the taste of my own blood.
This is what I should have been doing all along.
Ouch, ouch it's like working out.
It's like the burn is good, you know.
No, I mean, the reality is we are just a revenue model away.
From profitability.
Yeah, I, I'll be the first to admit
I'm not a creative like the designers, uh, I
don't even really like that word because, to
be honest I do a lot of creative accounting.
You try taking $40,000 in lap dances
and writing it off as a business expense.
I dare you, I do it on a daily basis.
We don't believe in big, long term projections, you know.
Things, things can change at any moment.
What if aliens attack?
You know, and what if the our new alien over lords don't like.
Mobile apps, you know, then my five
year projections are gonna look pretty silly.
Unless I predict an alien, invasion.
Hm, you need resilience in a startup,
because you're gonna get rejected a lot.
I mean, it's like when I go to a bar, you know, sure.
I might talk to 15 girls and they're all gonna shoot me down.
But I know that eventually, one girl
is gonna believe that I'm Mark Wahlberg.
Not you, not you, and not you!
It's from the, from The Fighter.
I'm alone all the time.
I spend a lot of time by myself.
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