Faster Horses

The customer is never right. We learned that from Henry Ford.

The customer is always right.
Not at Vooza.
>> Yeah, here at Vooza the customer is never right.
It's like Henry Ford said, if I had asked the
people what they wanted, they'd have have asked for faster horses.
Which is why we don't ask the people what they want.
>> And they love it, they love it.
Though the faster horse thing, that sounds pretty cool.
>> Yeah.
>> How, how fast are we talking, 50 miles per hour?
>> Well, a human can do a four minute mile, so a horse can probably
do it in like, what, two minutes, so I guess they can go 30 miles.
>> 30, okay.
>> An hour, yeah.
>> If you can get a horse to double that
and do 60, that's a, I would buy that horse.
>> That's a fast horse.
I'd buy that horse, too.
>> Yeah, we're onto something.
>> Note to self, begin wire frames for operation fast horse.
Note to self, begin wire frames for operation fast horse.
>> Horse.
>> Fast horse.
>> Fast horse.
>> We're onto something dude.
>> Wow.
>> You know what, Google has the driverless car?
What if we make a driverless horse?
>> Driverless horse.
>> Imagine that, a horse with no person bogging it down.
>> That's the fast horse.
>> Yeah.
>> That's where we get the speed.
>> We need new highways then.
Imagine this big field of grass, horses clopping around everywhere.
>> Just open fields of trotting horses.
Not bugged down, no one slapping their butts.
>> They go wherever they want.
How they want.
This is what the tech world needs.
That, driverless horse, operation driverless.
>> Operation driverless fast, or driverless fast.
>> Operation drive.
Driverless fast horses.
>> Money, we're making big money.
Free range.
>> Fast horse operation driverless fast horse.
Is the driverless car, but it's a horse with no butt slaps.
>> No slapping of the butts, they can just flat, run free.
>> And we've got things going to go free.
>> And we're making big bucks.
>> Eating the grass and we make the big bucks.
>> Making the big bucks.
>> Is that yours?
>> Oh, you're getting a call.
>> I think you're the new Henry Ford.
>> Thank you, new Henry Ford.

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