Fail Harder

Fail harder!? At Vooza, we’re already failing as hard as we can.

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>> The key with failure is how you frame the issue.
>> It's true, it's true, for example, I don't say my wife is
leaving me, I say, she's disrupting
our marriage, in order to pivot romantically.
>> You, you say that to other women?
>> It's what I'm trying to tell myself.
>> Okay.
>> Investors love to see your past
failures, and it's not because they're worried
about them, it's cuz they like to
see that you can withstand the occasional knock.
>> Deborah's single?
I meet somebody who has only had success
in their life, and I'm weary of that.
>> Yeah.
>> I say, hey, if you haven't had any
failure in your experiences, then I don't really trust you.
>> Yeah.
If someone's been nothing but successful, that's extremely suspicious.
Winston Churchill said, success is stumbling
from failure to failure, without losing enthusiasm.
>> Yeah, I live that quote.
Um, I actually started off as a chef.
And uh, my restaurant failed because of poor planning, you know.
>> Yeah.
>> Turns out there are restrictions on how you cook alligator.
Uh, I used to, I used to resist failure at every turn.
But working here, you learn to embrace failure.
>> You're exposed to it relentlessly.
>> Yeah.
You lear, you learn that you can no longer hide from it.
That you just gotta, you just gotta wrap your arms around it.
You just got to go, hey, you come here failure.
You come here, you come here you big lug.
Yeah, put your arms around me, yeah, let's
embrace, yeah, let's see what happens, you know.
>> Yep, he's breathing.
>> Our failure is like a lightening bolt, that just set a barn on fire.
>> A barn with a lot of dry hay.
>> Yeah, and, a lot of oily rags.
>> And old newspapers.
>> And just vats of gasoline inside the bar.
>> Loose electrical wires.
>> Like this is a, this is a farm for fire.
Like we are harvesting fire here.
>> Fire farm.
>> Yeah.
>> And that's how we learned to put hydrants all over the place.
Look, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
>> You gotta skate to where the puck is going to be.
>> You gotta use the ping pong paddle with the most dots on it.
>> That's right.
When you're playing foosball and you gotta spin
your guy around after you make a goal.
>> Slam dunk.
>> Touchdown.
>> Homerun.
>> Gold medal.
>> Steroids.
>> Human growth hormone.
>> Deer antler spray.
>> Uh, leeches.
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