Drunken Scrabble [Sponsored]

How did Vooza get its name? It involved a lot of tequila, a linguistics professor, and a strobe light. Hmm…maybe we should have gone with Frunjé. (If you need a name for your company or brand, Eat My Words works with companies to create unforgettable brand names and taglines.)

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Hey where the name Vooza come from anyway?
>> Uh, actually we tried a few different naming strategies.
We brought in a linguistics professor.
>> Fenology is the sounds of a particular language,
where as morphology is the words and the word structure.
>> Then we used a big branding firm.
>> Really you could say we're brandthropologists.
>> Do you know the word [INAUDIBLE].
>> For turn key, brand management solutions.
>> But, where I prefer to start is with the psycholinguistic typeology.
>> That's how we create brands that inspire
and endure for five, ten, even 15 days.
>> So, the name that I recommend is.
>> Technovia.
>> You can't pronounce it, that's the point.
>> Smell that?
>> [SOUND]
>> It smells like an IPO.
>> Then we went with drunken Scrabble.
>> Those are the choices.
>> All right.
>> Throdge.
>> Throdge, triple word, that was a good one.
>> Then frunje.
I've decided there's an accent there.
>> I, I like groulch I like groulch you know it is like a verb.
You can use it, Matt.
Zack just groulched all over you laptop.
>> Zack.
>> More for me.
>> We thought about using eat my work.
So there's this cool naming company in San Francisco called Eat My Words,
and they come up with like fun catchy names that anyone could figure out.
GPS for dogs called retriever.
Yogurt store called Spoon Me.
>> Yeah it's clever but I don't know
man I can actually understand all of those words.
I still think the strobe is the way to go.
The strobe?
>> The strobe.
>> The strobe.
>> See, Nate's got a metal plate in his head, right?
So, he's prone to seizures.
So all we have to do is flip the switch, watch him seize
the day, and then we just use whatever gargles out of his little mouth.
Hey guys what movie are we watching?
>> Hit the lights.
>> What?
>> [SOUND]
>> [LAUGH] It's working.
It's working.
>> [MUSIC].
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