Digital Detox

The staff at Vooza has a “digital detox” (no digital devices!) every Friday. Sadly for some, it’s not going as well as planned.

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You have to disconnect in order to reconnect.
>> So we're doing this digital detox every Friday.
The rules are.
>> No phones.
>> No computers.
>> No tablets.
>> And no watches.
>> Wait, no watches?
>> It's like a secular sabbath.
>> Yeah, it's fine.
I'm having a really good time.
I'm, I'm talking to you right now in,
instead of being on Facebook and that's fine!
>> You know, with technology, we're more connected, but we're so much
lonelier and less fulfilled and sometimes all those martinis and Xanax
and episodes of The Bachelor and Vicodin and Percocet and all
the rest of it, it's just not enough to cover it up.
>> The greatest gift it's given me
is, like, the appreciation for emptiness and silence.
It allows my brain to breathe, and it fills my head with air.
>> I follow 18,000 people on Twitter, 600 RSSVs, I'm the mayor
of over five cafes on Foursquare, and I refresh Gawker 15 times an hour.
People are going to wonder where I am.
>> Now I just get up and talk to the
person two desks down from me rather than texting them.
I tap someone on the shoulder instead of buzzing in their pocket.
Bzz bzz, I mean who wants that?
>> When I like someone's shirt I have to
literally pin it to a wall and when I walk
into a coffee shop, I just have to announce to
a room full of strangers that I am the mayor!
I've nobody following me on Twitter.
I just have to have this guy follow me around all day.
Re tweet that.
>> It says I don't have any followers on Twitter
so I have this guy follow me around all day.
>> Close enough.
>> It makes me want to light candles and just do my laundry in a river.
I use an old-fashioned typewriter.
I can finally live like my ancestors.
>> It gives us the space we
need to reevaluate our relationship with technology.
People need permission to fully let go
and recharge their own personal hard drives.
>> How am I supposed to order lunch?
Just go out to a restaurant like some sort of savage in the 1930's?
At least let me use Instagram, okay?
I took a class in iPhone food photography.
Now what am I supposed to do, huh?
Only me and the waiter know what
I am eating, that's two people,that's not enough.
You want me to just sketch it or something?
what Is this sketched?
>> How
long have you been offline?
>> How long have I been offline?
What time is it?
Okay, so it'd be 45 minutes.
>> Get the hell out of here.
Get out!
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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