The World is a Design Disease

The world is a design disease and Vooza’s head designer is the doctor to cure it. Watch him discuss grids, elegance, breathability, turtles, and tattoos.

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The world is a designed disease.
And I'm the doctor.
For my, my scalpel I have Photoshop.
For my forceps I have HTML.
And the body on the table, that's the internet.
Web design is this real poverty of
terms for describing things beyond pixels and
percentages Which is why I like to
use more qualitative terms, like, just the
other day, I was working on this design, and I said, I said, this
has a little bit of a Ford, Ford galaxy tail-fin slash NASA 1959 feel.
It needs to feel a little, turtle wearing a
fedora And everyone knew exactly what I was talking about.
I love grids.
Within the grid, I am free.
Grids provide structure and that's what I need in my life.
My life is in shambles right now.
For the homepage, we developed about 200 design concepts.
It was the full spectrum, everything
from evolutionary, to revolutionary, to hyper-revolutionary.
We knew we wanted to keep the logo orange, then we decided to make it a
little less red, then a little less yellow,
then we moved it off the screen completely.
Oh, you want the logo bigger, well I
want to have dinner with Salt Bass, but
I guess we're going to have to get
used to not getting what we want sometimes.
When I create something that's comprised of 80 to 90% white space,
people always ask, why can't you fill this up a little more?
And I always say, because understatement, is much more elegant.
The more you remove, the clearer the design gets.
You want to make this video clearer?
Want it even more clear?
say this left and right.
Websites have to breathe.
Take a deep breath, let the air fill your lungs, go through your body.
And that's the way your site should feel.
I have a tattoo of a sign-up button.
Is there to remind me what's important.
Wanna see it?
You should see my conversion rates.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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