Cute Overdose

Sarah OD’s on adorable animal pics at Cute Overdose.

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Ooh, squirrels at a tea party.
So British.
[LAUGH] Chihuahua in a bandanna.
Group of pandas.
Ooh, the picture of other pandas.
I'm not sure.
Ugh, mouse in a teapot.
Little furry little cupcake.
And one with a bowtie.
>> Sarah?
Sarah, Zach, get in here now.
>> What's wrong?
>> I've seen this before.
She's having a cute overload overload.
We need to put up something so disgusting that it'll snap her out of it.
Quick, go to your Instagram account.
>> What does that have to do with?
>> Just go to your Instagram account, man.
>> Okay uh, ooh we got some good stuff, here.
>> See, see?
Look at that, Sarah.
Sarah, Sarah, look at that.
Ew, wasn't that gross?
>> Yeah.
>> Like, Zach's all covered in lube.
Here, next pic.
Ew, look at that.
It's like Zach dressed up as fat Princess Leia next to fat Jabba the Hut.
>> That's my dad.
>> Okay, next picture.
Look at that.
Isn't that disgusting?
It's like a Gremlin tearing it's way through a wrinkle in time.
Actually, it's a picture of me crowning.
>> Oh, why would you put a picture of you crowning on the internet?
>> It's my okay Cupid pic.
>> Okay.
Ladies like that.
Shows you're sensitive.
Ladies, see I was born.
>> Sarah.
>> What happened?
>> You're back.
You went away for a little bit, but it's okay now, okay?
You're here with is again.
>> I'm scared.
>> No, it's all right.
>> I'm so scared.
>> It's all right.
There's not gonna be anyone cute things ever again.
>> Guys, guys, guys.
Look at this picture of my Sharpei wearing dress socks.
>> Aw.
Searchable Captions™ provided by cielo24.

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