Curiosity Gap

He Has a Horrifying Approach to Starting Conversations. Except It Isn’t Actually True. Except It Actually Is True.

I met, that's where I met my friend Mark who was telling me about
the benefit of not eating night chits,
which is like vegetables that are grown, I think they're grown at night?
>> Ugh.
You are so boring.
It's incredible.
>> Charles, you gotta juice up your openers a little bit more, man.
You're boring these girls to tears, okay?
You gotta use the curiosity gap.
>> What's the curiosity gap?
>> You ever read like BuzzFeed or Upworthy?
In their headlines, they don't give you the whole story,
they just give you a little, just a little taste.
That way you'll want to hear more.
You know what I'm saying?
>> Okay.
I kind of.
>> Okay.
Just you know, go on BuzzFeed, look at some headlines.
You'll get it.
All right, man.
I'm going to go hide in the bathroom for a couple hours.
>> The curiosity gap, huh?
We'll see about this.
I have a favor to ask.
Just listen to this beautiful story about my hamster.
You will thank me later.
The three deadliest cleaning supplies
that I've swallowed today are all totally legal.
If you can use the bathroom after me without choking up,
you might want to check your pulse, wow.
The things this barista did to my coffee foam are cute,
the reasons why he did them are heartbreaking.
This guy wrote poems out of Tindr bios, and it will leave you mesmerized.
A man read my email next to four elephants.
What they did next will amaze you.
So, these are the 17 fall recipes that will change your dinner party.
>> Charles.
>> The Kardashians are at it again.
>> What?
What are you doing?
>> Trying to work at home with cats?
Think again, 14 ways that, well, you know, cats.

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