Curator of Promotional Ideas

Marketers get a bad rap. That’s why Vooza‘s VP of Marketing prefers to be called a Curator of Promotional Ideas. In this video, she explains why tech is her true passion, the company motto that sets Vooza apart, and why she’s obsessed with both Python and Barbra Streisand.

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You know, I don't think of myself as working in marketing.
I'm like, curator of promotional ideas.
I'm, I'm adding value by spearheading transparency,
and that's really what moves the needle.
I'm dedicated to the intersection
of branding, sustainability and social purpose.
I used to work in fashion PR and event planning, and
then before that, I was a manager at a frozen yogurt store.
But tech is my real passion.
I'm really just a big nerd.
I mean, you can tell by my glasses.
These look okay?
They're vintage.
Our company mantra is be awesome.
Whenever we ask ourselves is this awesome?
If the answer is no it's not, alright well let's turn up the awesome dial.
Because we got to keep this awesome, and then we fist bump.
There's a quote that I love.
It's great ideas often receive violent opposition from
mediocre minds, and you know who said that?
Barbara Streisand.
I'm actually thinking I may learn how to code.
I'm like so obsessed with python right now.
Like ssss, snake.
Or C55, so.
>> CSS.
Oh, yeah, CSS.
It's awesome, crazy about it.
Love it.
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