Your workplace is your ecosystem. If you get the culture right, everything else falls into place.

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But our number one priority, company culture.
You got the culture right, everything else falls into place.
Well, if you walk into our office, you might see a room full of
people all wearing headphones and not talking
to each other, but I'd argue, exactly.
I'll often stop people while they're
working and ask them about washing machines.
What kind of machine do you use?
What setting do you put your dryer on?
What detergent do you use?
>> Your work place is your ecosystem, so at our
office we focus on the things that really matter to employees.
Uh, bean bag chairs, ping pong tables, in-house masseuse.
That's how we keep our rivers wet.
>> What brand dryer sheets do you use?
What do dryer sheets do?
>> But we don't want people who are just here collecting a paycheck.
So, we do something a little bit unorthodox.
After someone's been working here for a month,
we offer them a $10 gift card to Starbucks.
And we say, you can just walk away right now, no questions asked.
And so far, 90 percent of the people we've
offered that deal to have taken it and quit.
Um, and we don't know why cuz we can't ask any questions.
But to us that's money well spent.
>> You know, what is even the point of washing your clothes.
Do we really need to be washing our clothes?
And that way we will get in the
habit of challenging assumptions and thinking about deeper goals.
>> We hire people by how they fit into the culture.
So, I really see myself almost as a bouncer at a nightclub, you know?
And I'm like, hey, you can't come in here with those shoes, you know?
You choose the show teamwork and humility.
Come back with humble shoes and maybe
you'll get past the Vooza velvet rope.
And then we're gonna dance, all night, Vooza-style.
It's a little awkward at first, but you get used to it.
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